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seville in march

i arrived on train and walked about a mile down the most narrow, most gorgeous side streets (if you can even call them streets) to my airbnb. i have never seen streets that tiny-- they were essentially sidewalk-width, and surrounded by very tall, very colorful flats & shops on either side. it didn't feel crowded as one might think. it felt natural.

blush babe

not sure if it's my avoidance of the snow storm in the states, the recent (and very apparent) sunburn on my nose, or just the warmer weather in general, but i'm a total blush babe right now.


I've worked up a bit of a routine with starting work again. I have the mornings free and then work from early afternoon until 9 pm. This has worked out nicely for me- I was worried that I'd be getting tired around 7 or 8 after long mornings of sightseeing, exploring, etc., but it's actually been pretty perfect.

good morning from spain!

oh wow, where to begin! this is my third official day in spain, but if i didn't have a calendar to tell me that, i'd have a hard time telling you how long i've been here. it's been a bit of a culture shock & a mix of emotions since landing in madrid, but i'm just now beginning to feel settled.

another move down!

the last three weeks have been completely jam-packed, but have been so incredibly worth it. my entire apartment is in storage, and i leave for madrid in exactly 5 days. (!!!)

photoshoot: fog + fields

my brother & i recently went on a little photo adventure on the blue ridge parkway. it was *freezing* but such a fun experience. his nature photography is absolutely stunning, but it was fun to see what he could create with portraits, too. here are a few of my favorites from our afternoon together- check them out & let me know what you think!