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as summer is quickly coming to a close (!) & my days at home become numbered, i find myself wanting to do any and everything and nothing at the same time. that includes an impromptu haircut, road trips, cozy naptime cuddles & taking a moment to look at my beautiful mountains. i'm excited to share in more detail later- but for now however , i'm going to do exactly what a sunday afternoon deserves: lying on the floor, eating a tomato sandwich, & memorizing the freckles on my little brother's nose.

a few nothings--

|| a mediterranean mezze platter.

|| just cut my hair to this length!

|| a few lovely photo tips.

|| a single stripe, and other cute things.

|| one pan pasta.

|| sheer color post-it notes. i need.

|| beginning to get in this mindset... but more on that later.

|| the best coffee.

|| black diamond studs.

|| C.S. Lewis on love.