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a thanksgiving for the books.

hi everyone, happy thanksgiving to all of my american readers from across the pond! i hope you guys are eating all the thanksgiving things, watching the macy's thanksgiving day parade, turkey trotting and visiting with your loved ones. i wasn't able to be home for thanksgiving this year, but i did get to have my own little rendition of the holiday. one of the best days i've had in a terribly long time. 

i woke up this morning rather angrily actually (thank you hot water boiler fixer man for coming at 7:50am when i still had a whole other hour to sleep) but went to the gym nonetheless to run off some steam. my version of the turkey trot, guys. i came back to the flat with starbucks breakfast treats because you know, sometimes you just gotta. suzi and i got ready, then spent the morning/afternoon strolling through the bath christmas markets. they opened today. they're apparently a huge deal, and after today i understand why. i mean guh, it was magic, people. it was an trinket lover's heaven, a cheese & wine connoisseur's dream, an english major's delight. thankfully i'm all three, so you know how that goes.

after exhausting all market stands and over-staying our visit at all the taste testers, suzi and i decided to rest our feet at sally lunns. it was something i had been wanting to do for a while, and i'm thankful that suzi was around to do it with me! we had tea and the classic sally lunn buns, and it was just enough to tide us over until dinner time. yum. we then went to the grocery store to pick up a bottle of wine and some snackies, then came back to the flat to get ready. the program staff had a thanksgiving dinner planned for us, so a few of us met for drinks in our flat before hand, then walked into town for the dinner. after suzi and i decided to go on a walk. we sat down at a little wooden picnic table outside of a pub and had one of those talks that you remember over hazelnut gelato. (let's face it, a british thanksgiving dessert = subpar.) we took the fifteen minute walk back with the company of brisk air, drunkie brits, twinkly christmas lights and an iPod song. again, sometimes you gotta.

definitely not the same as being with my family in virginia, but it was a thanksgiving for the books.