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From Bath to Geneva

Since mid-August, I've been writing in a personal travel journal to document my time abroad. It's been a way for me to keep hold of the little memories and details, as well as receipts for all my 'firsts' and tickets to all museums & events I've attended.

For this post, instead of using a "this then this then this" method of writing, I want to speak in journal entries. I apologize in advance for rambles or rants or just generally bad grammar. Keep in mind that this is the writing of tired lauren.


I am currently on the plane to Geneva. I am so excited for Fall Break. I'm sitting next to the cutest "thirteen and one month" year old boy. His name is Ferdinand. He's just stuck in his headphones to watch Fast and Furious after we've just had a conversation about flying, drinking & driving in the states compared to the uk and his boarding school. He goes to school near Bristol, and is flying home by himself to his home in Geneva. He speaks English, French, and is in the process of learning German. He thought it was crazy that I learned to drive in the states at fifteen and six months. We also talked about how he thinks truck drivers, in his case, yacht drivers (I'm being serious), are fat because all they do is sit and drive. 

Moving on though, I'm looking out the window. Its just now getting dark and there is a full moon. Its times like these I wish I could paint. Majestic undertones of the blue-gray earth, layered wisps of clouds and the brightest full moon I've ever seen. I can't tell where the earth ends and the sky begins, I can only see white rays of moonlight and their reflection on the wisps. An occasional glimmer of city lights. The smell of a starbucks panini and The Wheepies "I Gotta Have You." I'm on the left side of the plane. I glance over to the right side- a sunset. Golden and blue with dark and peaceful clouds. Without a clock, my sense of time would be lost.



Greetings from Geneva! Its been a whirlwind since I last wrote yesterday evening, but wonderful all the same. Yesterday we landed a little bit before 9pm, but didn't make it to our hostel until about 10:15. Tay and I couldn't make out how to get from the airport to our hostel, but after getting help from some rather rude airport officials, we found our way on a city bus that took us into town. It dropped us off on a train station from which we took a 15.60 franc taxi cab! We had considered walking, but I'm glad we didn't as we went through some seriously creepy tunnels. After dropping our stuff off in our hostel and chatting with our new roommates- four American girls headed to Paris in the morning- Taylor and I left to go get dinner. 

We went to a place called Chez Remo I believe? We ordered the only things we recognized on the menu- sprite and pizza. Our waiter (I hate that I never learned his name) gave us free tiramisu. I think he (and we) felt bad because of the harsh language barrier. The dessert helped though, it was such a day maker. We want to go back because we loved the place so much, but is was pricey and we want to experience other places!


Stay tuned for part II.