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geneva adventures continued.

part one | part two


I was in heaven. The Longchamp store wasn't bad either. By 4:30, after hours of being on our feet, exploring beautiful gardens & quaint shops, we were so tired, so we stopped at Migros, the local grocery store I'm assuming, and I got a veggie juice and a salad. We also stopped by the market stand on our walk home- the apples were delicious.

Yes, I said "walk home," as we thought it would be fun to walk around the Lake instead of taking a ferry back the same way we started. It was a lovely walk, but we did have to ask for directions in a shoe store where its employees spoke no English. They were very sweet though, and through mangled phrases, google translate AND maps, we were pointed in the right direction. 

 ^^^experiencing the magic of swiss chocolate for the first time.

Geneva is so completely different from Bath, or Virginia that matter, and by traveling here, I'm learning to appreciate all ways of life; I don't think there was a time where I never *didn't* appreciate other cultures, but I may have, more or less, closer associated myself with the word, recognize, not appreciate. I don't think I would ever live in Geneva. In fact, I know I wouldn't. But in coming here, the idea, as cheesy as it sounds, that there's more than one way, heck-a thousand ways to do something has never been so glaring. Traveling does that to you, I think.