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a morning in london

on friday of last week, suzi and i went to london for one day/night before she flew back to the states on saturday. we took a train in from bath early that morning and explored the city a bit before our first planned events of the day. one of our favorite pastimes: going in really posh stores and watching people buy things. and i still can't get over the fact that i pet/held a £20,000 alexander mcqueen coat. but that's besides the point.

the sky was having one of those beautiful wintry moments when it couldn't decide between blue, white or gray. the air smelled of snow, yet stayed warm enough to feel my fingers on my camera. the leaves, (refer to the first photo) a perfect burnt orange. it was the ideal ambiance for a tourist, particularly for one who's never been to london, let alone at christmas time. everything was so cheery. 

we, of course, saw a few of the london things-- buckingham palace, london eye, big ben and westminster abbey. okay first of all, i know that big ben is like a thing for london, but you guys, it really is like a thing. i had a stonehenge moment. i knew what to expect from pictures, but it was so just so insanely beautiful in real life. way more extravagant and elegant than i had ever imagined. suz and i literally just stood on the pavement and stared for a solid seven minutes before doing that "shuffle&look" thing that everyone hates you for. secondly, my traveling self has seen/toured quite a few churches, and they were all beautiful. westminster abbey steals the show. by far. it was so fantastically beautiful. (and they wouldn't let us take pictures! still a touchy subject.)

more on london coming soon!