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post-exam fatigue and switching time zones equals an unplanned blogging hiatus and a very tired lauren. 

after we last talked, i took a coach to heathrow, waited around in the airport with friends from the program (airport restaurant knives are not knives, btw), watched 3ish movies & an old episode of downton abbey (you know.... before) waited for what seemed like hours to get through customs & baggage claim, then had one of those airport moments with my family. my mom stumbled through the wall of people, made some sort of wail indescribable via any written text, and hugged me to the rest of my family. my multiple bags, welcome home signs, my scarf-made-blanket, a balloon, tears & a red red rose. it was one of those moments you don't forget.

since coming home, it feels as though i've done more sleeping than not-sleeping. i mean, i even had a bunch of gifts all out and ready to wrap, but had to put them away again because i was too tired to wrap them. but after 4ish days of pushing the term hermitting to its greatest extreme, i'm finally contemplating reentry into society. no, i still haven't left the house. but i have made over two dozen spinach and artichoke bites and nutella brownies. i've also binge watched the last season of homeland and watched love actually with mom. its progress, people.

p.s. recipes can be found here!