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For your Monday

...and I'm back in Fredericksburg! I had such a wonderful break-- caught up with the fam, saw a few great films, made yummy foods & played night basketball. It was super fun & I'm excited to share more about that later! 

I brought a junkton of stuff back with me-- winter AND spring clothes, freshly cleaned bedding and a bit of food. It took over an hour to put it all away, haha.

Let me tell you what though: getting up this morning was quite the rude awakening. Not that I slept in terribly late last week, but 7:30am just felt extra early for some reason. Maybe it was the time change. Yes, let's blame it on that. 

Trying not to complain too  much about it though.. it means spring is coming. :) Eee I think we're all about ready for the warm weather by now, whaddya think? Apparently this week is supposed to be rather sunshiny and I can't wait.

 : : : : : : :LINKS FOR YOUR MONDAY: : : : : : :

+is this new, or did I just not know that Alex and Ani had rings? I've fallen in love all over again. 

+a giant instrument.

+i need to get one of these .

+saw this show in Stratford-upon-Avon last semester! A++.

+constantly obsessing over this store. especially this.

+for all of you JA fans...

+beginner running program.

+it is important to know your wool.

+i completely agree.

+just got these. love them. but more on that later. :)

+the ultimate clean-eating shopping list.

+phone dead? no problem.

+these two.

+dark chocolate trail mix energy bites. oh yum.

+you can find me over here now! 

+ the truest of words.