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How to write the perfect thank-you note

As we're all beginning to shake off our winter shells to soak up some very needed vitamin D, I always find myself going to more, contributing and participating in more, and just generally doing more. Don't you agree? We all come out with the sunshine and spring flowers. 

So whether you've applied for a summer job, attended a barbecue or received help with your outside yard work, it's important to remember to send a thank you note! As both a writer and receiver of these little cards, they take minimal effort and make a world of difference.


Keep it handwritten.

If this person deserves a thank you, they deserve your time to write something handwritten. Which brings me to my next point...

Be genuine.

Now this one might come without saying, but its easy to tell a sincere thank you note from a rushed, generic one. Take your time and write the note in such a way so that the specific individual you're writing to can appreciate it.

Write the date.

This may sound a bit picky, but its important to let your receiver know when you wrote the letter. Once you mail it, the thank you note is out of your hands and out of your control. In case it were to take longer than you had anticipated to arrive, you want to make sure the person knows when you sent it.

Write clearly and directly.

For me, this means no "fluff" sentences. Instead ofsaying only that you're thankful, tell the person why you're thankful. Tell them how their favor/ gift/ event has impacted you, and how you will continue to enjoy gift/ memories/ experiences/ etc.

Small details are key.

I've found that when writing a family member or friend especially, thanking them for small details that they may have thought were insignificant can go a long way.

Sign your letter.

When thanking a close friend or family member, sign the thank you note with your first name. When writing to a family friend or to a potential boss after a job interview, end the note with your first and last name.

Use quality stationary.

After a job interview especially, its important to send your thank you note on professional, clean and sophisticated paper. No frayed edges or coffee stains, please. And on that note, write it in blue or black ink only!

p.s. I've just received these in the mail and I'm in love. I've already written and sent out a couple notes on them and I'm officially hooked. They really make me love to write thank you notes even more, haha so let me know if ya want one! ;)