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Spring Break is quite the lovely thing

'tis true. i haven't done much of anything that i had originally planned for my week off of school, but i'm honestly kind of glad now that i'm thinking about it. i came home last friday after a terribly busy week of studying & tests (notice how sleep & any type of physical activity were not included in that description) and planned on doing a bit of spring cleaning during the beginning of the week, then visiting a friend for the second half. those plans fell through, as did my own personal goals.

so instead of blogging, doing a deep overhaul of my desktop (i can't tell a photo from an email anymore) or going through my spring wardrobe, here's a bit of what i've done:

//slept. mucho.

//bought new pajamas

//went to the movies with my mother

//made dark chocolate brownies

//played night basketball with my brothers

//marathon-watched a tv show


//set up a hair appointment.. !


//saw the prettiest sunset

//took snapchats with my kitty

//oogled over oscar dresses

its been quite a lovely week, i must say. hoping everyone has a great weekend- i'll being doing much more of items from the list above. :) i head back to school on sunday, and then i have big plans for this blog next week, so stay tuned! x