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In case you missed last week's post:
Good Morning from Spain

I've worked up a bit of a routine with starting work again. I have the mornings free and then work from early afternoon until 9 pm. This has worked out nicely for me- I was worried that I'd be getting tired around 7 or 8 after long mornings of sightseeing, exploring, etc., but it's actually been pretty perfect. By the time 9pm rolls around, I'm off work & ready for the evening's festivities. Some nights I stay in and enjoy the quiet (#introvertedprobs), other nights I go out and grab a drink with my (very teeny) circle of friends. Madrid is much livelier in the evenings than in the mornings, and I feel like I've missed a bit of that so far. The goal over the next few weeks is to get out a little more at night, but I'm finding that challenging as a solo traveller. A work in progress, I suppose!

The weather here is turning into something positively wonderful. It was chilly for the first week, and I was honestly a little angry with myself for leaving my winter coat at home. But now- now its gorgeous. I don't want to jinx anything, but its been in the upper 60's to lower 70's all week. Ahh! I just hope it sticks around. 

^A line of book stands on the way to the Parque del Retiro. 

^Insta'd this here.

The blooms on the way to the park! The most perfect shade of pink. (It just looks cold though, doesn't it?)


If I'm not doing something extra touristy in the morning, I'm generally just taking super long walks and exploring new areas of the city. I easily walk anywhere from 3-7 miles a day.

There are benches everywhere. I know it seems simple, but it is one of those subtleties that makes Madrid wonderful.


When I studied abroad in England a while back, I roomed with a girl named Taylor. Since then, she's moved to Madrid and fallen in love with the sweetest Spaniard named Alberto. They welcome me into their cute little home often, and always with an array of wonderful lovely foods & conversation. So thankful for these two. 

Alberto & Taylor introduced me to lomo (^pictured), which is essentially very thinly cut pork loin. Honestly though, I don't even care what it is-- its amazing.

I feel very lucky to have a little sunroom to call my own during my stay here. This is where I spend most of my time when I'm at the flat. And now that the weather is nicer, having the window open is my absolute favorite. The room is so green & creative; I feel a little healthier just sitting in there. 

^Taylor perusing the succulents. 

+Yes, that coffee tasted just as good as it looked. (Also, my love for neon tables is almost embarrassing.)

+Taking the train to Seville for the weekend, folks! I can't wait!! I'm going for 1 night and 2 jam-packed days. I've been reading up on the area for the last week and I've prepared my plan of attack. :) Thinking about doing more of an itinerary post for that one-- sort of like the NYT 36 Hours series. What do you think?

+I've also got another post coming soon the absolutely stunning Palacio Royal. Stay tuned!!

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