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Cancún, Mexico: pt. 1

i decided to skip the first snow storm of the season and high-tail it to mexico for a long weekend. it was such a tease, but so incredibly worth it. i'm already wanting to plan my next trip. 

pre-arrival! we were completely pumped, if you couldn't tell.

my first view of the gorgeous ocean water.

we stayed at casa magna marriott resort. a resort, indeed.

all i need in a single picture.

i had never seen water that blue. couldn't stop staring. 

we lounged around the entire time. our armor? good reads, watermelon, don julio & SPF 50.

i quickly realized why people take vacations in january. 

the first night we had dinner at porfirios. gorgeous food, impeccable service, & great price. totally recommend.

excited to share other photos & thoughts from the rest of the trip. stay tuned!

i tested out instastories on this trip & very much enjoyed it. thinking i'll be using it quite a bit during my upcoming trip to spain! follow along here if interested. :)