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Cancún, Mexico: pt.2

weeks later and still dreaming of this time--

he's such a big reader when we get in the sand. 

things i love: mirror pics & polkadot jumpsuits & j & sunkissed skin.

watching the storm roll in~

post massage & pre-dinner. 


all the giggles.

sometimes room service is required. 

we got to cancun late morning on friday. (in case you missed my first cancun post, you can see over overly ecstatic i was to be there. i couldn't stop smiling!) after checking in, we immediately dropped our bags in the room & high-tailed it to the pool bar. we had amazing drinks & the best shrimp quesadillas i've ever had. we switched from pool to beach often, just trying to soak it all in. 

for dinner that night we went to a place called porfirios- exceptional service, exceptional food, exceptional view. we ate our meal right on the water.

the next morning we woke up early and then fell asleep again by the ocean. when we woke, we went parasailing. one of the coolest experiences i've ever had, i think. i wish i had photos from our view 1500 ft in the air, and i wish i had photos of us gliding in the sky. all you need to know though, is that we were attached to a santa-themed parachute, and it was completely lop-sided because of the weight distribution between j & i. we giggled the entire time. 

we were prepared for the thunderstorms that afternoon; we got a couples massage, & ordered room service. pampering yourself a little is required on trips like this one. we went to the lobby for cocktail hour & live music that evening. we read, sipped on margaritas, and took in our environment.

our last day was spent with more of the same. we made a conscious effort to disconnect from time & technology (a very opposite occurrence for LDRs). we napped on and off, ate when we were hungry, and switched from beach to hottub whenever the mood struck us. 

to say the least, i'm ready to plan my next trip.