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Favorites: Quick & Healthy Snacks

I've just gotten a new pair of running shoes. And for me, this means serious business. I'm officially kicking my butt into gear. It's April 1st (happy birthday, dad!) which means I've got a little over a month until graduation, summer, and [insert adult job that I don't have yet].

Half of being healthy of exercise, which is an entirely different post in itself. Today's focus is the other half: eating! I love eating. I truly, really do. And while some people have the discipline to disconnect themselves from their food, eat their "fuel" and what not, I am not one of those individuals. Eating is an ordeal--an event. Which means the food's gotta be good. 

So I've done a bit of thinking and have compiled my top favorite snacks that are also healthy and cheap into a list below. Check it out!

rice cake.png
2 copy.png

So there you have it, folks-- the Top 5 contenders. What do you think, did I do ok? Hopefully I did, because I eat/drink these bad boys all the time. 

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