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Links & a Trip

Photo Jul 30, 8 47 33 PM.jpg

♥ loving my Lucky Brand bracelet. ♥I mean, how could you not take a picture of such a gorgeous pepper? ♥Tried this BluePrint juice the other day. Actually really enjoyed it! I've got another flavor to try today! ♥Bored reflection selfies during a shift at the cone.


A couple of things to check out:

+ My current hairstyle inspiration.

+Totally need to try these before the summer is up.

+Such a cool idea for quick, DIY outdoor seating.

+The alternative locket. 

+21 songs to pump you up while you're getting ready.

+Ugh, can you imagine this with some stellar pumps & a high messy pony? Yes please. 

+Determined to make these work in summer. 

+How to write in sparklers

+The newest item on my wishlist.

+Remember this post I did on my closet dilemma? Well, I found a solution. Sharing it soon, get pumped. :)


Clocking out a bit early this week-- taking a mini, very much needed vacation to Charlotte to see the boy. I'm only *slightly* excited. Have a wonderful weekend! xo