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Happy Friday

Hi everyone. How's the week been? Mine has honestly been hella busy. So busy, in fact that I still haven't had a chance to show you the fabulous creation that is my new room. My little office-spaced bedroom may not sound like much, but its become so cozy and wonderful here recently that I'm just dying to share. I will soon though, no doubt. 

I found out this morning during a meeting with my advisor that I am in fact graduating on time!! Many of you may not have even known that my graduation timeline was ever in question, but ever since studying abroad this time last year, I've been playing a serious game of catch up. I felt like I've been barely staying afloat for the longest time now, & its so nice to hear that all that work is finally paying off. Whew. 

Speaking of work... guess who's not this weekend. This will be the first weekend that I've had off where I'm not traveling in a few months now, and I'm planning on taking advantage of every second of it. (Especially since Autumn classes start in 10 days!) 

Goals for the weekend:

  • spend more time at the pool than not at the pool
  • read through at least one september issue (yeah, totally a thing.)
  • catch up on sleep (except actually)
  • check email only once a day
  • buy a Georgetown cupcake

I'm thinking this is the best to-do list I've made in a while. Totally doable. I'll check back in on Monday to let you know how it goes. ;) Until then, I'm signing off. Exist on you own terms this weekend, everyone. Happy Friday! xo