Hi friends! Back in February, I got in touch with an old friend from high school who now runs her own photography business in the Maryland and Washington D.C. Metro Area. Anna Kardos heads all over the East Coast shooting weddings and portraits, & produces great, very natural work.

And since I'm completing my undergrad this May and haven't truly had a portrait taken since the end of high school, I decided it was time. I've also just informally launched Lauren Ashley, my freelance design business, so I wanted to update the face behind it. And having a fellow survivor of my high school to work her magic was perfect! 

Anna and I met in Georgetown a few weekends ago with our mutual friend Suzi. The three of us spent the afternoon perusing shops, discovering beautiful neighborhoods in the "quiet areas" and taking pictures all along the way. I will say-- it was super strange being in front of the camera. I'm normally on the other side taking the photo. Or better yet, I'm generally just hiding behind my computer working on different design projects. 

Overall I enjoyed getting headshots done, and Anna was so much fun to work with. Although she swears that I did all the posing on my own, she was super helpful with her directions. Her camera felt invisible, and the whole experience was seamless. Head to her website here (ahem, designers: it's lovely by the way) if you're needing any work done, or if you just want to look through beautiful photos! 

She did a blog post about Lauren Ashley that you're welcome to read. Feel free to check out a few of my favorite shots below:

Lauren Ashley #1-0008.jpg
Lauren Ashley #1-0003.jpg
Lauren Ashley #1-0016.jpg
Lauren Ashley #2-0043.jpg