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Calling it creative

I've been spending a lot of my time designing, folks. Designing and drinking tea. Yes, precisely those two things. 

I've got a couple projects on the side, no doubt (an Instagram assignment for my Nonfiction class, and a novella for my Seminar, for example). Hopefully I'll being sharing snippets of them on the blog soon! Also, notice that this page is now called 'journal' on the Main Nav. I'm trying this title out--what do you think about it?

And with each passing day, many aspects of my life are falling deeper and deeper into this bottomless "side" world in order to make room for what I'm truly passionate about: design. Granted, that's a big word. It's like saying 'I have a passion for medicine.' But then again, how bad would that be?

I know that little word.. design.. isn't much, but at the same time, it so is. I've been second guessing myself for as long as I've been able to second guess myself, and I finally feel comfortable and good at what I'm doing. So what, design isn't very specific. I'm just going to call it open-minded. I'm just going to call it creative. 

I sat down at my desk yesterday to do homework around 5:15 pm. But then I remembered that I volunteered to help a restaurant with their online website. So I started working on that instead, because hello, design. When I came up for air again, it was 8:45. This little scenario has been happening to me since 2010. I used to say, "geez, I've just wasted so much time." But now as graduation is slowly approaching, I feel like I can confidently ask, "What if this is how I could spend my time?"