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Madrid Moments

^gorgeous streets... no matter where you are in the city. i happened upon this view on my walk home the other day. 

^lunch dates & being extra smiley always!

^more gorgeous streets-- this is at the tip of gran villa! that metropolis building is so pretty at night as well.  

^i've found a happy little co-working space! i work there almost daily when i'm not traveling. its been a great way to find a little community for myself here in madrid. i'm able to practice my spanish a bit, and coffee is right around the corner. not a bad set up. ;)

^ok.. it randomly started pouring snow the other day?! #wut. now its back to 60ish degree weather, but that afternoon sure was unexpected. (and honestly a little magical!)

^i've started wearing red lipstick! i've noticed its a thing that most of the women do here, so i thought i'd give it a try. why not, right?

^i happened upon the cutest jewelry/greenery shop. i still can't get over it. currently making plans to go back specifically to buy one of those big philodendron leaves (first photo on the right).

^trying to switch up from my normal diet of meet and cheese......

^my beautiful friend! taylor and i met when i studied in england in college. she was my roommate! now she's living here full time-- it's been so fun to catch up after all these years.

^there's a cute little community garden in my neighborhood that i try to walk through every so often. on a normal evening after work, you'll see children kicking a soccer ball while their parents chat near by, someone quietly playing the guitar, other tending to the plants. recently its been too cold to stay there for longer than a couple of minutes, but now that its getting warmer i can't wait to sit there and read. 

^my lovely roommate susan always has the prettiest flowers on her kitchen table. there's little flower stands in most plazas here, so we both try to get them for the flat. i will forever believe that flowers are a worthy and necessary investment. 

coming soon:

+a visit from a sweet friend
+tenerife travels