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Nice to meet you, 2016.

We're pumped for 2016. 

We're pumped for 2016. 

For the sake of documentation and accountability, I'm writing one of those slightly cliche blog posts in which I tell you a few of my goals for 2016. I've found that in the simple act of writing things down, I'm able to see my thoughts and make them real.


Generally this is on my list at the beginning of every year, but it's still worth mentioning. I'm always having to remind myself that I don't need extraneous amounts of stuff to be happy. In fact, the more stuff I have, the more foggy and weighed down I feel. I don't like clutter-- not even a single junk drawer. (Ahem, I've got a few right now.) And not because I'm an obsessive neat freak, but because there's no reason to hold on to things you don't need. So this year, my goal is to keep my wardrobe, desk drawers and baskets of crap in check. 


My family has always talked about the importance of volunteering, giving back, etc. I like the idea of volunteering, as I'm sure most would, but somehow life happens and time passes and no giving back has happened. Yes we're all busy, but we always seem to make time for the things that are important to us, right? I used to volunteer with my youth group in high school, but sort of stopped when I went to college. So. Step 1: Make volunteering important enough to make time for it. Step 2: Find somewhere that I'm passionate about. Step 3. Commit to a routine. 

Make more things. 

This is so white-girl of me, but what's the point of having a DIY pinterest board if I'm never going to reference it.. ever? (Ha.) After just recently moving into my apartment, there are little projects just waiting to happen every which way I turn. I fully believe that being creative is good for the soul, yet hardly ever do it any more. So the goal this year is to not spend my unplanned Saturdays marathon-watching Chopped, but instead to spend them in some sort of creative element. 


2016 is the year that I turn twenty-three. And twenty-three year olds are supposed to know how to cook, right? I'm not talking about a 6-course meal... just something other than oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies and those 90-second rice pack things. Also, I got a spice rack for Christmas. So this is the year, you guys. I'm determined.