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Snow Weekend

What a wonderful weekend it was! I'm just now being able to write about it because today was grossly busy, but still, it was really wonderful. I got snowed in with J at my parents house. We went on walks in the snow where he "pretended" to throw snowballs, to which I would respond by "pretending" to ignore him as I slushed home. 

He played piano for me. He's practicing for a recital in April. I'm the proudest. Its a "minute waltz" of sorts, and it sounds really excellent. So jealous of a person who can move their fingers really fast and make something sound pretty. 

We stopped by my best friend's house (she's my first love, if you're unaware) and cuddled and giggled until we couldn't ignore the heavy snow that was piling atop our car outside. Gosh, it was good to see her. We both noted while remarking on the weekend that we need to stop doing this... this casual meet&greet when we're both in the same town. I miss the summers we used to spend together, the after school when we couldn't drives where we used to sit together. Maybe after graduation I'll just move into her house with her. I'm sure her nanny fam won't notice.

J & I made those chocolate no-bake cookies with my mother, and taste-tested my father's homemade coconut cake. We had pork bbq & chicken chimichangas. I need to learn how to cook. Like adult cook. I need a crockpot. 

Lots of treats, people. Oodles of hot chocolate with way too many marshmallows, justified squares of dark chocolate, & bite-sized candies that we snuck into the movie theater. We snuck limearitas in too. 

The Oscars were watched with the family. I ate guacamole & blue chips and sipped on detox tea. As if the tea would somehow reverse the no-no's of the weekend. J guessed who would win the awards- 0 for 8- and then I had to take him back to school. Long distance is tough, and saying goodbye never gets any easier. I even hate to say it, but it almost gets harder.

I got to wear my boots this weekend: definite plus. I walked in ice puddles until I couldn't feel my toes. I made sure to walk through the biggest piles of snow.