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One of 5 Moved!

As you can tell, I've made the switch to this little space. Its a good thing I think.. switching platforms was something that I had been toying around with for a little over a year now, and I'm glad I finally made it official. It will allow me to grow creatively without being tied to the Blogger do's and don't's. Ya feel? So anyway, thanks for moving over here with me!

One of 5's new look strives for simplicity and authenticity. I want to capture and document my life in its truest, most organic form. No games, no fluff, just me & the chaotic messes I get myself into.

Just something to be aware of-- my domain changed! It is now If you're interested in following/subscribing to One of 5, there's a link to the rss feed & bloglovin' site under the contact page. I will also be posting my blog posts to my Google+ account, so you're welcome to connect there as well! And as always, I'll be posting links to One of 5 on my social media accounts- those links can be found in the footer of the One of 5 website or again, under the contact page.

As I'm still in the process of creating and developing the site, it would be a *huge* help if you had any comments and/or critiques! Please let me know if, for example, a link isn't working, or if something has been over-complicated. All suggestions can be directed to the message board under the contact page. Thanks a bunch! xo