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portland details

this past week i went to portland for a work conference. since i work from home most days, i have to admit that it was wonderfully refreshing to get out of town for a bit.


we stayed at the ace hotel- honestly one of my favorite hotels i've ever been to. it's placed right downtown between a bar and coffee shop- convenient, no doubt- and is equipped with a photo booth and library in the lobby.


the designer in me died and went to heaven.


^i instagrammed this one here. in the evenings, this room is filled with candles.


everywhere you went, the aesthetic & design were just as important as the product.


note to self: go back to the picnic house and get their tomato soup + grilled cheese 1000 times over again.


lit•mos•phere: 1.the vast domain of the world's readers and writers 2. a lively literary mood permeating the air | ^taken in powell's, the largest independent book store in the world.


favorite eatery: Cheryl's on 12th. 

had such an excellent time in portland. despite the grayish skies that loomed over us for most of the trip, portland was beautiful. would happily go back.