Featured: Pro Re Nata

My newest foodie adventure is one that I've been meaning to tackle for some time now. Pro Re Nata is a teeny little farm brewery nestled in the Crozet, Virginia mountains. It's placed right on the main road that leads to everything else in Crozet (it's not a very big town) so I always pass it with the thought of someday. Well Saturday night was someday!

Biggest regret: Not taking any photos of the inside. It was mad cute, guys. There was live music with room for dancing, or you could grab a drink at the bar and gather in one of the many tables throughout. Wonderful scene. 

However my favorite part was the outside- overhanging lights are my weakness. It was a beautiful night too, so that's where I spent my time. I ordered a margherita pizza flatbread & the bartender's drink suggestion. I think my bill came to a grand total of $13?

p.s. Pro Re Nata is Latin for as needed. Pretty perfect, in my opinion. 

^basically a VMI advertisement, right?