A Favorite Quick + Healthy Meal

If you currently or have ever lived by yourself, you'll know what I'm talking about when I say that cooking can be challenging.

I like eating healthy, and I'm also eating on a budget. I don't have an enormous amount of time, and I don't have a dishwasher. And it really, really bothers me to buy food and watch it go bad before I've had a chance to eat it (i.e. too many leftovers, or a hand of bananas). ((p.s. I just had too look up what a group of bananas is called-- it's blowing my mind.)) I've graduated from my go-to college recipes, and am trying to expand my grocery list staples. Lastly, I find my cooking skillset somewhere between microwavable burritos and blanched asparagus. 

You'd be surprised how limiting the above can feel sometimes! But alas, I've found a meal that works for me.


Quinoa Burger + Egg + Avocado

time to make: 7-9 min

+ cook 1 Qrunch quinoa burger on medium-high heat in a small pan, 3-4 min on each side. 
+using the same pan, cook an egg over medium. 
+slice avocado.
+stack. top with hot sauce, salt & pepper.

And there you have it, folks! I only dirty one pan, and am left feeling full. Also, it's #sogood.