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Taking care of my skin will always and forever be a top priority. After years of trying out different products with my combination skin, I've finally found a few brands that I not only love and trust, but that work well together. Sometimes that's half the battle, people! No one likes to have oily skin from being overly moisturized, or dry, flaky skin from harsh scrubs.

I know there are so many outliers at play with skincare-- age, activity, season, etc.--  but I thought I'd share what's working for me at the moment. (I've actually received a few compliments on my complexion recently which has been so wonderfully off-putting since I've dealt with acne for years!)

So if you're interested, keep scrolling to read about my ride-or-die beauty brands, and how/when I use them. 



neutrogena makeup remover cleansing towelettes  |  avène cleanance gel  |  cetaphil

+Even if I'm not wearing any makeup, I always start my evening regimen with a night calming makeup remover wipe from Neutrogena. Once I'm 'in' for the evening, using one of these wipes is one of the first things I do after taking off my shoes. They help get the day off your face and actually feel really calming. 

+I started using the Avène Cleanance Gel while I was in Madrid and completely fell in love. I use this morning & night as my routine cleanser. It's so gentle while actually getting the job done. I've had the hardest time finding it in U.S. stores so I just order it online from Amazon! But if anyone knows where I can find this in Fredericksburg, holla at me.

+Cetaphil is my fall-back cleanser. I use this every now and then if I'm washing my face in the shower or traveling. It's cleans without overly dying out my skin.



dr. brandt collagen serum  |  clinque repairwear laser focus  |  clinique smart repair serum

+ The Dr. Brandt collagen serum is another game changer. Even if I'm rushing out the door & only have time for the absolute basics, this definitely makes the cut. I use it morning & night after washing my face. It makes my skin feel tight & lifted, & helps with complexion and brightness.

+I'll use the Clinique smart repair serum 3-4 times a week in the evenings. Once or twice a week I'll mix a few drops of Clinque's repairwear laser focus corrector. This combination as made my face SO. SOFT. It also helps with under eye circles & dark spots. Completely recommend, but not every single day-- feels a bit too heavy for every day use.



clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion  |  amore pacific sleeping recovery masque  |  clinique moisture surge

+Next on the list: moisturize! My daily morning/night go-to is (you guessed it) Clinque's dramatically different moisturizing lotion. Worth every stinking penny. My mom turned my onto this lotion awhile ago. After my first couple of uses I was worried it was going to be too heavy as it feels a bit greasy going on, but now I feel like my skin craves it. Especially in the winter months!

+The Amore Pacific sleeping recovery mask was something I purchased as a leap of faith after reading a ton of reviews, and I'm so glad I did. It's divine. I only use this once a week in the summer months and 2-3 times in the winter months before bed. It's on the heavier side, so I'll substitute out my normal face lotion for this. Also, the smell alone will make you want to keep using it. (You can tell how much I use it-- the letters are coming off the bottle!)

+Clinque's Moisture Surge Mask is great as a second layer in the winter months when you need an extra umph of moisture locked into place. Occasionally I'll use this as a substitute to my normal face lotion in the evenings if I'm needing something a little heavier. 


set + refresh

avène thermal spring water

+Ask anyone who knows me, and they'll tell you that this is always in my purse, and I take it with me every time I travel. I use it at work, on the plane, in the morning to set my makeup, whatever. A few spritzes and you're good to go. So refreshing!! I only ever buy the small bottles since they tend to last a while & I can pack them easily. Just do yourself a favor and get one-- you'll thank me later.



destiny boutique charcoal facial detox  |  elizabeth arden hydrating mask

+The charcoal facial detox cleanser gets deep, deep in your pores. It's an absolute pain to clean off, but so incredibly worth it. I was blessed (lol) with massive pores so this helps keep them in check. I use this once or twice a week. 

+Elizabeth Arden's Hydrating Mask is my go-to bubble bath mask, my go-to girl's night mask, my go-to rainy, Sunday afternoon mask- you get the picture. It's a popular choice in the Winter time for me, but I really do love using it all year around. Smells so good, and I can see & feel immediate results. 

* * *

So there you have it! If you've made it this far, I applaud you! You now probably know way more than you wanted to about my skincare routine. But my hope is that maybe you found a product that does what you've been searching for! If you end up trying any of the above or have any recommendations of your own, leave a comment below or shoot me a message in the contact form! I'm always looking for new skincare tips + tricks. :) 

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