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Featured | The French Press

In an effort to truly embrace the move to downtown, I decided to try out a local coffee shop that just opened within walking distance of where I'll be living. 

Before even entering, I had a hunch that The French Press, located right in the center of town, would be good for Waynesboro. I've been here since the pre-Walmart days. (Anyone remember the Chatter Bus?) We've done well for ourselves, now with a Target, Chick-fil-a and movie theatre under our belts, but the coffee bar situation has always needed a little work. Aside from the overpopulated Starbucks and the drive-up-to-the-window Micah's Coffee, the closest local coffee establishment is one town over. To go even further, unless you want to buy a movie ticket or sit in the Sheetz parking lot, there's really no great hangout spots. 

After opening The French Press' door, I am even more convinced of the awesome potential here; the wooden floors, brick walls & plush couches in the back immediately create the perfect coffee shop ambiance. My dad gets a medium dark roast coffee & a multi-bagel with honey-almond cream cheese. I order a french press coffee (had to) and a yogurt parfait. The total comes to $12.17. (An obvious difference in price from chain coffee shops.)

We sit down in the shop's only booth: a spacious table near the back with two large benches on either side, a grungy print of Paris overlooking. Four people could easily sprawl out with their laptops and other working materials, six could chat comfortably. My dad and I hardly take up half of the table. 

^isn't this station just the cutest?

^isn't this station just the cutest?

There's a light hum of conversation mixed with a groovy, sway-ever-so-slightly soundtrack and interspersed showings of manger Trystan Davies asking if we're doing all right. He makes sure I'm doctoring my french press correctly. 

I'll note that the back of the shop, partially enclosed behind half-paneled wooden palates stretching to the ceiling, offers an awesome space with, again, a lot of potential. Although offering extra seating right now, the extension could easily act as a stage for small performances or become a private area for business and club meetings.