transitioning after travel

After traveling in any capacity (whether a week-long vacation or a few months of an extended trip), transitioning back to the real world is always a challenge. Emotionally: you're trying to figure out how to fit back into your normal routine, all the while questioning whether or not your normal routine makes you happy and tackling your laundry list of things to take care of. Physically: you're exhausted, jet lagged and digesting weird foods.  I suppose there's no real right or wrong way to deal with the transition, but I've found that the following helps:

1.) Packing works best in layers of rolled clothes! Not only can you fit more in your suitcase, but your clothes won't be horrendously wrinkled when you unpack. 2.) Unpack ASAP. Like literally your first day back. I hate unpacking more than anyone, and have gone so far as to let my suitcase sit full and half-rummaged through for weeks. That's equally depressing, if not way worse, than just unpacking in the first place. 

Carry on items for a comfortable flight

+Raggu Cosmetic Bag (I use mine for tech equip.)
+Travel toothbrush & toothpaste
+Avéne Facial Spray (use once an hour during those long flights!)
+Reading material
+Passport & Tickets
+Tech screen cleaner
+Thick socks
+Luxe oil
+Dry Shampoo




Wear something extremely cozy, but still feel put together on some level. Pack healthy snacks!

Outfit Details:

jumpsuit from Pull & Bear
striped tee from brandy melville
weejun loafers

Jetlag Remedies

+Push water all day long (aim for half your body weight in ounces!)
+The VichyGlow Peel Mask
+No extra naps-- stay awake until local bedtime
+STRETCH & get some vitamin D as soon as you wake
+Eat your greens for a natural dose of energy

Last thing: Treat Yo'self

I always try and do at least one little thing to pamper myself post travel. It blends that line from vacation to real world, and helps keep me from feeling overwhelmed by my to-do list.