Vivify | B+W

one of the housemates sadie & i went out last night to celebrate the changes we're making to our cute little home. story time:: i've been friends with this girl since elementary school. i moved after fourth grade, but we stayed in touch. fast forward to freshmen orientation at umw... we bumped into each other, ended up living in the same freshman dorm, stayed friends throughout the last couple years, and are now living in a house together as seniors in college. so thankful for her.

also- i found a new favorite place. spiked milkshakes, a rooftop bar with the perfect ratio of brick to lightbulb, & reggae twists of all the good songs. its the kind of place where you just can't help but sway along & get lost in the stories told around you. its the perfect place to pretend its not the end of the summer.