where i've been


Back at the beach

Hilton Head, SC | My family goes here every summer-- such a treasured time. 



Dinners with j

^this shot only took 13 tries! | We have also been moving him into his own place roughly an hour away from Fburg. It's been so fun to start from scratch and make his place feel like home. 


Riding bikes on the beach


(and getting sand on everything)


Meeting with the Fam for ice cream. #love


CoWorking in Fburg, va.


Surrounding myself with flowers

sooo many flowers.


eating my greens

I always make a point during the summer to fully disconnect & reset. Reevaluate my decisions, unplug from social media, read a book, sit in the sun. Learn new habits, set goals, take naps, eat ice cream. Breathe.