My Loves

In celebration of the new heading, I wanted to post about some of the special people in my life.

To start, my family. 
The parents
Albert, Nicholas, and Jackson
Christian and I

These people are wonderful. I'm so lucky to be able to come home from college to a full house of people that love me, and that love each other no matter what. The picture of my parents and I was taken at the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris. We went this past summer, and it was so awesome getting to spend some one on one time with them before I left for school. 
I would have to say that without a doubt my mom is my best friend. She hogs all the blankets and sneezes louder than anyone I know, but she's also the most selfless person I've ever met. My dad and I have a very cool relationship. We got really close while training for five years in karate together, and it was so awesome being able to earn a blackbelt next to him. He gives the best advice, and I know I could talk to him about anything. 
Albert(13), Jackson(11), and Nicholas(9) are the youngest of my four brothers. In reference to the drawing in the header, Jackson is the first boy with a little attitude. He loves art, and he writes the best letters to me while I'm gone. Albert is the calm, cool, and collected third boy in the picture. He's definitely the mediator of the family, and our heart-to-hearts are so awesome. Nick would be the last boy holding the basketball. He's my partner in crime, and gives the best hugs.
Christian(16), is the one wearing the sweatshirt in drawing. We are both so stubborn, so we bicker about everything. On the off days where we decide we're going to be nice to each other, driving around and exchanging music with him is my absolute favorite. He taught himself how to play the piano, and I'm so completely jealous of his natural talent. 

My beebs at home,
Michael, Patrick, Me, and Suzi

So this is the crew. Michael and Patrick believe they are thugs. Michael goes to George Mason, and always wears sunglasses because "the sun never sets on a gangsta." Patrick goes to West Virginia University, and sings Country Roads almost every time I see him. These are the best fellas ever. Suzanne is my girl. She falls asleep on me at sleepovers, and is the worst liar ever. We text each other the tweets we shouldn't say, we get awkward in the same situations, and we like the same boys. She's my best friend. 

My college babies,
Robin, Me, Sadie, and Sara
My roomie
I've been friends with these babies since Orientation week. Robin lives across the hall from me. She's a crazy hardcore swimmer, but still manages to make time for us non-swimmers. :-) She always insists on having movie nights, and is forever quoting Seinfeld and Gilmore Girls. Sadie, Sara, and I all went to elementary school together. I have pictures of us being in Girl Scouts together, so its crazy that we're now living in the same dorm! (I moved away before fifth grade, but then ran into these guys during a Mary Washington open house.) Sadie is wild, but I love her. She has the cutest dorm room I have ever seen, and can eat just about as much as three grown men in one sitting. She has like 25 pairs of boots, and can never fail to make me laugh. Sara is my cutie of a roommate. We're literally like the same person. We're on the same sleeping schedule, and we laugh at the same immature things. She doesn't judge me for my creepiness, and I don't judge her for hers. We have the best dance-out-your-stress parties, and I can tell her anything. 

Writing this post has made me realize how blessed I am! I love you guys.