Three Days of Yoga

Since karate, I've had a hard time finding a good exercise that can be fun and motivating, while also keeping me in shape.
...I've attempted running- both at the gym and outside- and have tried to force myself to believe that I could one day actually maybe begin to enjoy it... that I could become "a runner"-you know, someone that skips through 5K's for fun.
Turns out I'm just really bad at running.
...I've tried the whole "oh I'm just going to eat really healthy and maybe do some sit-ups before bed every night" routine. It worked for a while, but it was hard to stay motivated. There's always that one special occasion or holiday to rationalize completely breaking a diet of only fresh fruit and veggies.
"It's just one chocolate chip cookie.... or five chocolate chip cookies....."

Now after a semester of college, I know its not feasible to have a "I don't eat anything that comes in a package" diet, especially since my dinners normally consisted of pb&j, cheez-its, and a granola bar. So, I've learned to master a modified healthy diet-- to eat as healthy as I can, when I can, but also know its okay to have a cookie every now and then. However, I knew eating relatively healthy wasn't going to give me results I wanted, so I was back to my issue of exercising.

The other day, because of a bet, I tried yoga. I mean, why not?
GUYS. It was the best workout I've had since karate two years ago. I challenged and exhausted every major muscle group without exposing them to a potential injury. It worked on balance and flexibility, breathing, and core and back strengthening. I ended the workout relaxed, happy, and ready for a nap. That was Wednesday. Thursday, I could barely get out of bed. I was so incredibly sore. Then today, I chose to do it. Guys, that has never happened. And once again, I finished the workout in a peaceful state of mind.

Its a hard workout, but the feeling at the end is so worth it. In just three days, I can feel and see my body changing.

Wednesday's workout
Today's workout
These will change your world! I dare everyone to try these exercises. ;)