Warmer Weather

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Happy almost Friday everyone! I hope everyone is staying warm in this January weather. I know I'm trying my best as I walk across campus, but I still manage to show up to class with numb fingers, hair stuck to my chapstick, and a runny nose- basically just a hot mess. I have noticed though that having a pair of these in the picture to the right have come in handy for the dreaded walk in the cold. You can still text and use your hands, but still keep them warm!

On a warmer note, Fredericksburg did catch a break this past Tuesday, so we were able to soak up some Vitamin C for an afternoon. I'm definitely a summer girl, so I took advantage of the first chance I had to sit outside in the sunshine before class. I had some reading to do for an Intro to Human Geography course I'm taking, so I took my book and sat in a lawn chair on ball circle, the huge lawn on campus. Robin sat with me, but brought her laptop to Skype with her friend. Because it was so bright outside, she wasn't able to see her screen very well. The picture to the left is a result of what happened. I was so happy that I was able to capture this moment, so I thought I would share. :-)