Downtown Fredericksburg

On Fridays, I only have one class from 9:00-9:50 and then I'm done for the day! It's definitely my favorite part of my schedule. It allows me to have a little extra free time, and it's really cool because I basically have a three day weekend every weekend! Yesterday afternoon, I was able to use that time to take a walk downtown with Sadie. Sara was leaving to go home for the evening, the weather was lovely, and we needed something to do! 
Have you ever walked somewhere just to walk somewhere? Like going somewhere without a purpose or goal? Its actually really fun. You're able to notice things that you wouldn't have otherwise noticed because you're vision isn't so narrow minded-- if that makes sense. We had no plans and no money to spend, so we literally just wandered.






-Sadie and the shops downtown
-sweet nothings on sweet cards
-FOODE, the best place to eat downtown
-candies and bacon.. soap?
-colorful candlesticks 
-momma's kitchen
-pretty bricks and pretty light
-a green door and a metal bicycle