Its Raining.

Its raining.
Its raining and I wore slippers.
I wore slippers because I didn't have time to find anything else.
I didn't have time to find anything else because I slept through my alarm.
My four alarms.
I was supposed to wake up early.
To study for my Spanish quiz this morning.
And to be all cute and productive.
And get coffee.
But I didn't hear my alarms.
I didn't hear my alarms because I was up late studying the night before.
For Spanish.
So I woke up five minutes before my class started.
Condensed an eight minute walk to four minutes and fifty five seconds.
I hopped puddles.
I wasn't wearing a bra.
I was however wearing slippers.
And a nice big green soaking wet sweatshirt.
Cause its raining.
Only because February 29th doesn't come around that often,
I'm going to forget this little incident ever happened.
Because today is supposed to be magical.
Not a hot mess.