Things That Make My Day

 -Having my Spanish class cancelled
Today, my 9am spanish class was cancelled for the fifth time in the past two weeks. My professor apparently keeps a canoe in his house, which apparently fell on his head and gave him a concussion. Its kind of sad really.. But I'm trying to look at the bright side. And doing so, would mean that I get to enjoy sleeping in. 

-Awesome weather
nuff said.

-Realizing they sell iced tea at the Underground
I for one love unsweet iced tea. Its refreshing and it wakes you up without being so sweet that it pulls you into a sugar coma ten minutes after you drink it. And I have been at this school for a semester and a half and have never known that they sell iced tea at this cute little cafe that we always go. Until now. 

-Having the time to finish Catching Fire
You guys seriously need to read the Hunger Games Trilogy if you haven't already. They're good. Not like average good. Like Harry Potter good. I was up until 4am this morning finishing the second book. Couldn't. Put. It. Down. The movie comes out March 23rd, (a month from today!!!) so read it soon! 

But before doing so, accept the fact that you will become a hermit for about a day or two or however long it takes you to finish it. But its okay because you won't care that you're being unsocial after about 30 pages. Which leads to the next thing that makes my day...

-Knowing I get to start Mockingjay
But you already know how I feel about that, so moving on..

-The countdown to Spring Break has begun
Its official. Seven days, ladies and gentlemen. Seven days, and then my life will consist of beach, gilmore girls, my besties, and sleep. Hashtagicantwait. 

Happy Thursday!!