C'mon now.

Okay, hold up. What the HECK is going on with the weather? I don't know what its doing in other places, but FredVegas needs to make up its mind. Like for serious. Just last week, Sara and I had to install our window fan in our room because even in shorts and a tank top, we were still sweating. When I'm in class, all I can hear behind the professor talking is an annoying hum of coughing and sneezing {which I'm participating in} because there's a layer of pollen on everything. I can deal with the allergies and the bees around campus that seemed to multiply over night. I can deal. That means warm weather, right? Closer to summer, woo?
Well, this morning when I woke up, it was 45 degrees. One top of having swollen eyes and a persistent cough,  I had to bring out a sweater and scarf to wear to class. That's a no no.

So if anyone else is feeling this way,
or you just need a pick me up,

watch this.  

check out this baby.

does working out make you feel better? look at this page for motivation.

breathe. sometimes, less is more.

just something to think about.

send these to someone with cute little notes inside to make their day.

how i feel some mornings.

lyrics to live by.