Ever since swimming ended for the semester, Robin has been trying to convince Sara and I to do CrossFit exercises with her so she stays in shape. I had no idea what CrossFit was, but Robin just explained it by saying that "you just do as many exercises as you can, as fast as you can." It seemed kinda fun, and I'm up for anything that will get me out of running on the treadmill. So yesterday Sara and I went to the gym on campus with Robin and her friend Maddie and we tried it! 

Inspired? So were we! I loved the second video.

But talk about painful. We did a five minutes straight of abs to warm up, and then went to work: 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 squats-- that's one round. We did as many rounds as possible as fast as we could for 15 minutes. We shared the room with the pool, so it felt like we were working out in a sauna. Now 15 minutes doesn't seem like a very long time, but you try doing those workouts as fast as you can for that amount of time and then get back to me. Sara and I could barely walk out of the gym after we were finished hahaha. And I can't even begin to express the pain I felt as I attempted to get down from my lofted bed this morning...

But saying all that, it was actually really fun! We blasted music and cheered each other on for those grueling fifteen minutes. We're planning on doing that exercise or ones similar to it every other day, so I can already tell its going to get us into shape. There's some exercises that involve weights or jump ropes, and some where you don't need anything, so it will be fun to switch things up! Although the videos make the actual CrossFit gym really cool, we didn't have to go to a special gym to feel the burn. These exercises are great for people who travel, are away at school, or just don't have time for one of those hefty hour and a half long work outs.

Want to try it? Need a tutorial? Here is a list of all of their free work outs. You guys should definitely give these a try!! Just do it with someone else so you can motivate each other! You can do anything for fifteen minutes, right? Well I'm mean, besides holding your breath underwater.

Guess who packed up and went home for Spring Break today?! This girl did. Wooo!