DIY: Earrings

Wanna learn how to make a pair of cute earrings?

They're colorful, easy to make, and suuuper light weight! 
Ever since Sara made these for a few of her friends, I've wanted her to teach me! She finally did so I thought I would share. :)


Whatcha need:
-2 paper clips
-super glue
-earring backs
-colorful string

Step One: 
-Cut a little less than an arms length worth of string
-bend the paper clip into a triangle (make sure both ends are touching!)
Step Two:
-Using the super glue, attach the string to the paperclip
-Wrap around until the ends are secured
Step Three:
-Loop/Wrap the string around the entire shape of the earring (glue it into place every so often)
-Now, F R E E S T Y L E. Crisscross the string every which way and glue every time the string touched the paperclip.
Step Four:
-After you finish doing all your crisscrossing, lead the string up to the top of
the paperclip and attach it to the earring back!

~~Other inspiration~~

Enjoy everyone! :) Tell me if you try it!!