March Photo of the Day: 11-20

I apologize for a few similar photos...
it's hard to be creative when you rarely step outside the walls of the library!

March 11th
{no zoom used}
This was the someone I talked {yelled at} to today 
after we almost ran into each other.... 
March 12th
My plastic fork.

March 13th
I bought my hunger games tickets while eating "Peeta" chips. It's a sign.

March 14th
The clouds looked soo cool today.

March 15th
The car ride home. 

March 16th
Three dollar sunglasses and a Bubba's tee.

March 17th
About all the green I had on me today.

March 18th
A corner of my home.

March 19th
Creeping on Robin over the ledge of our desks
at the library is funny at 2am.

March 20th
My before/after photo of to-go dinner in the library. 

p.s. Who else is going to the Hunger Games midnight showing tomorrow?!?! 
I'm getting SO excited.

I've watched this video like twenty times.