So... this is what went down.

Yep, it happened. 
I had an orange theme going on to match the girl on fire. 
Last night my college babies and Suzi and I all went to see the Hunger Games. It. Was. Awesome. Seriously, like even if you haven't read the books, GO SEE IT. I't was totally worth getting back to campus at 3:30 in the morning.  
But for those of you that have read the books, wasn't it that much cooler? We spent the whole car ride back analyzing the movie and agreed that it stayed true to the book! Of course a couple little things had to change in order for everything to make sense, but overall I thought they did a good job :)

I don't want to give anything away for people who haven't seen it, but email me at labrumfield12@gmail{dot}com and I will me more than happy to discuss it with you. Like I'm not even kidding.


Now that that's out of my system, moving on.

In other news, I woke up with pink eye this morning. Minor setback, but I'm determined to still have a good weekend with my girls. Suzi came to visit, the weather is beautiful, and I'm totally not going to let it ruin these next few days.

Speaking of the weekend, I hope everyone has a lovely one! Do something worth remembering~