Weekend Scenes

This weekend we celebrated my momma's birthday! I came home and surprised her :)

On the way home
Here's how it went down:
-I spent all last week telling my mom I was super crammed with work and wouldn't be able to come home for her birthday 
-I almost thought I actually wasn't going to be able to make it because I couldn't find a ride 
-But Sara's dad came and picked us up around 11:00 on Friday morning! 
-We drove two hours, and they dropped me off at my house while my parents were off running errands together 
-I ran up to my room and hid behind my closed door until they came back 
-Once they returned, I nonchalantly walked into the kitchen and said 'hey.' 
-She was SO surprised. My mom normally knows everything. So the fact that my dad and I were able to pull off me coming home without her finding out was a success! {seriously wish that I recorded her reaction hehe}

The rest of the weekend was full of fun dinners, pedicures, shopping, and great conversations with the family. We also went and saw Christian perform in his spring concert at the high school with concert choir. Their formals were amazing, as well as the acts and the two choreography pieces! They sang Lion King and Beauty and the Beast songs, and their costumes were amazing. Thats probably the one thing that I miss about high school. I miss being able to sing and perform and choreograph with all of my friends! Read about my last choir show hereherehere, and here.

Anyway, so here's some snapshots from the weekend:

-birthday dinner for Momma :)
^^^I got to wear my new shoes // Baba and Dad
^^^The radio decided to write my name next to the song artist! 
^^^Christian as a giraffe during the Lion King

Hoping everyone had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day~