Guest Post: Amy and the City

So today, One of Five is going to do something a little different, okay? I'm hosting my very first guest post, so everyone give a warm welcome to my sweet friend, Amy! She's kinda awesome.

Hi! I'm Amy and I blog over at Amy and the City. Today I'm writing over here to tell you a little bit about myself and how I ended up with my Mister!

I first met Nathan when I was about 15 years old, he worked at the supermarket in our local town and frequently followed myself and my mother through the store ;) he wont even deny this! He was a year above me. I would see a bit of him through our schools though we were never friends. This was about it for us in those younger years. Eventually I got a message from a number I didnt have, it turned out it was Nathan and my brother had given him my number. I was surprised and flattered, but I definitely wasn't letting him know that! We started dating a few months later and it was an amazing time. Things moved fast and we just clicked, soon we were inseparable and moved in to our first home! A year later Nathan was offered and amazing opportunity to go to a Law school in Melbourne, we jumped at the chance, packed our bags and left 2 months later.

 In the past two years, we have both worked crazy hours,and both been jobless, both went to University, and both changed Universities, lived in two house together and moved 3000 kilometers away cross country from our home town. It has been a whirlwind few years for us! 

We ended up in Melbourne, which is the cultural capital of Australia. It is an amazing city, days can be filled walking around it, exploring roof top bars, museums, art galleries and mountains of shops. It is the perfect place for us at the moment, there is something too do every hour of the day.

Over on the blog you will find all things happening in our lives, holidays that we are planning, dreams that we have, obsessions I have (ie The Hunger Games) as well as dates and shopping adventures. I hope you come over and say hello! I would love too hear from you. If you have gotten through this post of me talking about myself then we may be destined to be best friends, or at least best blog friends  ;) come and say hi, Love Aim xo

Seriously, go say hi! She's one of my daily reads~
and c'mon guys, she likes the Hunger Games. 
Head on over to her page by clicking here. 


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