Keep Calm and Beat Goats

So the other day was Devil Goat day on the UMW campus. Its been a long standing tradition, and I was so happy to be a part of it! 
Every year, each incoming class is given the title of either a goat or a devil. This year, my class became the devils during orientation; the sophomores are goats, the juniors are devils, etc. Anyway, there's one day at the end of every spring semester where the devils and goats hash it out. And by hash it out I mean listen to live music, jump on those cool blow up jumpy things, and get free food. 

Robin, Maddie and I went for a couple hours to take a study break! For getting there relatively early, we got free shirts! Thats one thing you should know about me. I get just a little too excited over free t-shirts.  

Oh, and photobooths. I just LOVE those things. I made these babies take two sets of pictures with me just so I could get a b&w and colored copy. So a special thanks goes out to Robin and Maddie for putting up with my embarrassingly giddy self while we waited in line for a good thirty minutes for these little strips of pictures. Love them.