A Night with the Girls

Now I don't have time to do a lot of writing, but I still want to tell stories through photos! I've been documenting {um, duh} so here's a few from yesterday I'd like to share::

The Virginia Hall girls had one last hoorah before the end of the semester~
We all got dressed up and went out on the town for some yummy italian food at Primavera!
Introducing... the other Lauren! We like to take lots of Lauren pictures, nbd.  
Its going to be so sad not living with these girls next year. 
I may or may not have teared up a little last night..

After we got back from dinner, I started in on some packing. My goal is to do a little everyday, that way I'll be mostly done by move-out time on Thursday. 
I tackled my desk area last night, and its already a little too empty for my liking. 
Its bittersweet, really. Sad to leave, but excited for whats to come.