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Have you guys ever heard of Invisible Children? Yes? Cool. No? Cool.

Well I'm going to tell you about it regardless! I'm planning on educating you guys, so get ready. The content of this post is a little heavier than that of my previous posts, but I'm so passionate about this and I hope you feel the same. 

Invisible Children is a nonprofit organization created for the purpose of bringing awareness to the happenings in central Africa, led by Joseph Kony and the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA).

Here's the happenings: 


In 1986, Yoweri Museveni gained the presidency of Uganda. Alice Lakwena, a woman from the Acholi tribe in northern Uganda started the Holy Spirit Movement (HSM) in opposition. The group recruited followers and forged alliances with rebel militias with the intent of entering Uganda’s capital city, Kampala, and freeing the north from government oppression. The Holy Spirit Movement had regional support, but regional support only. When Alice Lakwena was exiled, there was no obvious person to take over leadership of the Holy Spirit Movement.


Joseph Kony claimed to be a distant cousin of Alice Lakwena’s and the natural successor to lead the Holy Spirit Movement. Soon after Joseph Kony assumed management of the group, he changed the name to the Lord’s Resistance Army, or LRA. Joseph Kony wasn’t able to maintain the group's number or regional support, so he started stealing food and abducting children to fill the ranks of his army. Subsequently, he lost any remaining regional support. What had started out as a rebel movement to end the oppression of the north became an oppression of the north in itself.
Joseph Kony’s tactics were—and remain—brutal. He often forced children to kill their parents or siblings with machetes or blunt tools. He abducted girls to be sex slaves for his officers. He brainwashed and indoctrinated the children with his lies and manipulated them with his claim of spiritual powers.
At the height of the conflict in Uganda, children “night commuted.” That is, every evening they would walk miles from their homes to the city centers. There, hundreds of children would sleep in school houses, churches, or bus depots to avoid abduction by the LRA.
Kony and the LRA abducted more than 30,000 children in northern Uganda."
*This is pulled directly from the Invisible Children page
because I wanted to make sure you guys read it.

The organization was founded in 2004 by Jason Russell, Laren Poole, and Bobby Bailey. 
Bobby Bailey? Yep, I met him. Liike two nights ago.

Robin has been involved in the Invisible Children club on campus all year and really wanted to go hear him speak. I went with her, but honestly for the sole purpose of wanting a break from homework. Turns out it was flipping awesome, and I ended up stayed longer than she did.
oh yeah, I forgot. we were in the front row. (!)

It was so cool listening to his story. He talked about the ups and downs of getting the organization on its feet, as well as his trips to Uganda, conflicts and controversy over the years, and Invisible Children's different strategies and campaigns. 

one of my favorites::
Global Night Commute: I Got Soul
-to make others aware of the children that had 
to "night commute" in Uganda

and IC's most recent one::
Kony 2012
-to make Joseph Kony famous

Guys, puhleaaaase watch these two videos if you haven't already. 
Even if you have to come back when you're a little less busy.
 It will be worth your while!

Bobby Bailey and UMW's Invisible Children Club:: yes, its almost all girls.

Anyway, the guy was hilarious, a little awkward, and so inspiring. Not only did Bobby and his two buddies make something huge from what was once something invisible, but they've been successful enough to spread the word throughout the world. Hearing his story has really made me reevaluate what I want my story to become, and I'm excited to make it happen. No details yet, but soon. I tend to change my mind a lot, so it can difficult to put my future goals down in writing when I'm not entirely sure what they are yet.

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