Staying Positive

Maybe it's the sunshine {finally}, my Made to Honor Essie nail polish, or the fact that its the last Tuesday of classes, but I have a good feeling about today.

I'm surprisingly not stressed about finals next week, although I'm still trying to figure out if thats a good or bad thing. Many talks with my parents, my best friend, and a little lot of praying have allowed me to see the bigger picture- a life past the end of next week. Yes finals are important, but ten years from now they won't be. 

I'd be lying if I said that I'm fully motivated to study, because let's face it-- when vacation is a week and a half away, you're bound to get the summer jitters. Saying that, I couldn't bring myself to waste a semester's worth of hard work in a week simply because I'm having an I-don't-feel-like-it moment. So, I'm putting on my big girl pants, hunkering down, and diving in to the bulk of my studies this evening. Until next Thursday, its very probable that I may or may not be a hawt mess

Ya know, I'll be that girl frantically speed-walking to what will become my second home, the library, as I pull back fly-away baby hairs with my glasses/spit while I simultaneously try not to trip over my sweatpants that I'll more than likely be wearing for the third day in a row. I'll be the one rolling my eyes at the girls who feel it is necessary to straighten their hair and wear heels to the library while my biggest concern will be finding enough rubberbands to transport all my notecards from point A to point B. 

But its all good. Just be expecting posts consisting of unorganized thoughts/rants/whatever else pops in my brain.

And if its anything like last semester's finals week, I'm sure it'll be entertaining. 

Oh, and one more thing. I'm doing a guest post over at Crescendo today. Go check it out!