Things I Don't Understand

1. Why no one decided to tell me it was a cold, rainy mess outside before I left to go to class in shorts and flip-flops. 
2. The way my brain works. Because number one just reminded me of this quote::

3. Why UMW thinks its a perfectly swell idea to cram all the fun stuff during the last week of classes when they know we should be studying for finals. 

4. Why the good food isn't the healthy food. Let's be honest. 

5. Why Rose took up the entire piece of wood and left Jack to freeze to death when they both could have easily fit. 
Exhibit A::

6. Why professors don't email you back. 
Registering for classes is completely awful, so popular classes (a.k.a. the ones everyone need to take) fill up quickly. The registrar office is aware of this, therefore enforce a system that gives a student the opportunity to get permission from teachers to be force-added to his/her class after its already full. But this doesn't do any good when said teachers (three to be exact) DO NOT REPLY to said emails that said student so carefully took the time to write. 

7. Why Taylor Swift and Zac Efron aren't together. 
I mean, c'mon. They're presh. We know it. They know it. Ellen knows it. 

8. Why Josh Hutcherson and I aren't together. But moving on...
Oh! He adopted a puppy by the way. Only slightly dying.

9. How I lost my deodorant. 

10. Why people say "ATM Machine" when the "M" in "ATM" stands for machine.

11. Long text messages. Ya know, like the 3-pagers. If it can't fit in 160 characters, pick up the phone and give your friend a call. 

12. Who doesn't understand finals week?
Just a heads up-- this is going to be my life starting next Monday until May 3rd. 
Bring. it. on.