Weekend Festivities

Although it ended way too soon, I had a lovely weekend. 

It consisted of:
:bringing home winter clothes (in three bags, a.k.a. more than I could carry).
:getting cute wittle surprises from Arizona
:seeing Titanic 3D with Suzi (we boo hooed, nbd).
:eating cold pizza and catching up with the fam (two things I will always love).
:sleeping in till noon.
:having a bee hold me hostage in my room (home sweet home).
:doing a little spring shopping/ girl time with my mom.
:making chicken bruschetta and a strawberry jello cake to celebrate my dad's birthday (I'm getting better at the whole cooking thing).
:taking photos using my polaroid camera (!!!).
:getting all cute and going to church with the family
:Nicholas coming forward during the service to tell the congregation that he wanted to be baptized
:going to cracker barrel
:dyeing Easter eggs
:the beautiful drive back to school 

~Strawberry Jello Cake~

What you'll need:
:yellow cake mix (and the ingredients needed for that)
:jello mix
:whipped cream

1. Mix ingredients for cake and follow the directions on the box.
2. After the cake is baked and cooling, make some holes!

3. Once your jello mix is ready, pore it on the cake.
4. You're supposed to put it in the fridge to sit overnight. But we were a little rushed for time, so ours only stayed in the fridge for about 20 minutes. It was still delicious, because the cake was still warm when we ate it. :)
5. Add whipped cream and strawberries!