Well, its Friday!

This week went by way too fast and way too slow all at the same time. 

My 50 minute classes draaag on forever, and staying up past 2am every night this week to work on homework is officially catching up to me. I live for, and look forward to the weekends, a time where I know I can catch up on sleep, have a little me-time, and fold the mountain of clothes that piles up on my chair during the week. But at the same time, its so strange to think that I only have two more weekends here on campus before summer. 

To clarify, I am not complaining that it's almost summer. But I'm just now getting used to the swing of things here. I have my friends, my classes, my routine, my life. And it's all going to be packed away in two little weeks! Crazy stuff. 

Scenes from the week:
chocolates & laundry.

accidental picture while running & robbie on ball circle

pwetty campus & sweet frog

sour shockers candy to keep us awake & again with the pwetty campus

Have a wonderful weekend! xo